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Busy lifestyle Health Tips

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Health Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

Looking after yourself in today’s busy world is not easy. We work too hard, sleep too little and generally just put too much pressure on ourselves. It’s no wonder heart related illnesses like hyper tension and heart disease are at an all time high. In fact health problems in general are on the rise. Did you know that the average life span has reached its peak and is now falling again, due to the reasons listed above.

For the first time in history humans are dying from too much of a good thing.

If you think about it, we have become so successful as a species that it is killing us –

  • Not only do we have enough food to grow and to prosper, we have too much of it and are becoming obese as a species.

  • We have so much shelter that we no longer get enough fresh air, sunshine or exercise.

  • Our technologies and propensity to invent and ‘improve’ on nature have led to the mass alteration of natural products. Something as simple as the water we drink can often be full of chemicals and potentially harmful. As for food, it is harder to find a simple, healthy meal than to order a hamburger and guzzle it down with a soft drink.

Life is becoming busier.

  • We work more. With the need for retail outlets to be open longer hours, industry required to produce more products and customer service providers expected to be available 24/7, the work load of the average person is increasing.

  • Home life is becoming busier. The average home size has increased dramatically which calls for more time cleaning, more money to furnish and more power to run amenities.

  • We are in the centre of the technology and entertainment era and every house now seems to have several televisions and entertainment systems, computers for every member of the house hold, and endless video games and devices. The need for more money to fuel this growing house, family, entertainment needs, cars, holidays, food etc means longer working hours again.

  • Personal time is at an all time low. Once the demands of work and home are met, there is very little time left for yourself. Something as simple as preparing a meal has become a luxury and more and more people eat out or grab something on the go. We often don’t even have time to go for a walk or spend time with our friends and family.

  • Exercise more. This doesn’t mean rushing off and getting a gym membership and fancy aerobics outfits. Try simple things like walking to work or the train station, riding your bike to the shops for milk and bread instead of driving, taking the dog for a walk (I’m sure they’ll love it too) or kicking the footy with your kids instead of turning on the television

  • Substitute unhealthy foods for healthier choices. When looking for an afternoon snack, try a banana or apple instead of a cake or chocolate bar. Fruit is quick and easy and doesn’t carry all those empty calories; it will also give you the same amount of energy without the sugar crash

    Fruit is the perfect fast food, you can eat it on the run and it takes no preparation. Fruit packs a high vitamin punch and will also help to hydrate you. Did you know that an apple will help to wake you up in the morning far more effectively than a cup of coffee?


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